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Produktion bei Aristo Pharma

About Aristo Pharma

Aristo Pharma was founded in 2008 and established itself as one of the most important pharmaceutical companies in Europe within a short period of time. Today, Aristo Pharma Group comprises a headquarter in Germany, 5 production sites and 1 logistics center in Europe and 13 sales locations all over the world. Our product range is focused on well-known original products alongside with a selection of generics and herbal medicines.

We are always here for you: dependability is one of the most important requirements in the health care sector. High quality, the availability of medicines and overall transparency are the three main pillars we all stand by in taking care of people’s health. You motivate us to demonstrate our ‘Made in Europe’ quality standard every day. Our primary goal is your satisfaction and that means: punctual deliveries and the highest quality. 

Unified quality standards apply at all of our production sites, which are subject to continuous control. We take special pride in protecting our employees and the environment, which is why we work to the stringent ‘Good Manufacturing Practice’ (GMP) guidelines. The Aristo Pharma Group is growing: we are currently represented with offices in 13 countries.

Our philosophy is simple: we produce medicines which are both high quality and cost-effective for patients. “Because every person has a right to health” – as a pharmaceutical company, we want to help keep health affordable.

Health is one of our most important commodities, but preserving or restoring it can be very costly nowadays. Long development times and intensive basic research contribute to the high price level of new pharmaceutical substances. It faces high cost pressure due to tight budgets for medical treatment expenses. Therefore, it is our goal to produce cost-effective and high quality medicines so that they remain affordable and available to all who need them.

Not only does that benefit the individuals, it also supports the long-term future of our health care system.

In order to reach our goal, we have chosen a business model covering three primary areas.

The first is the marketing of medicines: we provide highly effective substances, whose patents have expired, as generics – at prices that are affordable for everyone. But we also offer original products and a wide range of so-called OTC products (‘over the counter’: available prescription-free from pharmacies).

The second area is our production: we try to produce as many medicines as possible ourselves at our own production sites in Germany and Europe. This is how we ensure the highest quality standards, but also because we are committed to our domestic location. In addition, Aristo Pharma produces a large number of medicines for third-party customers, other pharmaceutical companies.

And finally: we work on a variety of our own galenic and generic developments, actively shaping the future at the same time.

Our focus on people in need all over the country and support for selected organisations with financial and in-kind donations has been part of our identity and our company philosophy for many years. As well as being active in the social sector, we also support sport, education and culture on a regional level.

A project particularly close to our hearts is the Caritas Medical Van.  As our headquarter is located in Berlin, we really value the importance of supporting and taking responsibility for the citizens of our local area. In order to support the work of the voluntary doctors, nurses and social workers, Aristo Pharma sponsors the Caritas Medical Van for the valuable and essential work they carry out.
 The van helps homeless people, those without health insurance or patients who feel too ashamed to visit the doctor's surgery. The Caritas Medical Van is there to help them. The van fitted out as a simple treatment room and has been in use since 1995.
 The team are committed to seeking out people in the places they live: emergency shelters, soup kitchens, warm rooms, train stations and in-crowd locations. On Monday and Tuesday afternoons, the van sets off looking for homeless people in need.

Read about the clubs, projects and organisations we are supporting at the moment on the ‘Current information’ page.

2008 Founding
1750 Employers across the whole Aristo Pharma Group
1334 PZN numbers
222k Total production area in m²

Interview of Mr. Jonas Tryggvason

Definitely this critical and constantly changing geopolitical situation affects all business areas and causes lots of uncertainties and difficulties not only in Russia but in whole world as well. Today we live in time of global changes and structural transformation – as someone would try to put the new train on the old railway tracks. We are following Aristo Pharma Group’s mission: “Everyone has a right to good health”, despite different circumstances around. As Arthur Schopenhauer said, the health is not everything but without health everything is nothing. So, we do plan to survive learning more from this situation, becoming more flexible and stronger, developing and growing further.

The main challenges for us as one of the pharmaceutical market players go from the limited and partially closed logistic routes, total transformation of the registration system, new regulatory tools and procedures. Every time delivering and registering our products manufactured mainly in Germany and Spain we have to handle with new requirements, new deadlines, new costs etc.

In the near future we plan to be focused on the current product range expansion and new launches, both in Russia and CIS, localization of production. Although Aristo Pharma Russia is quite new and young company, but it is a chain of Aristo Pharma Group – an association of various medium-sized pharmaceutical companies from Germany. Our product range in the area of prescription drugs includes proven and partly unique branded products as well as cost- effective and high-quality generics. The majority of them are not yet presented in the Russian and CIS pharmaceutical markets.

Please read the instructions before use, be aware of contraindications
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