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Blemaren Became the Winner of the Russian Pharma Awards 2023


The ceremony of the Russian Pharma Awards 2023 took place in Moscow on November 30. Aristo Pharma's product Blemaren was recognized as an absolute winner in the category "Treatment of Urolithiasis".

The Russian Pharma Awards®  is a very famous and prestigious award in the field of pharmacy and medicine. It is also called Oscar in pharmaceuticals. For many years the results of this award have served as a guideline for the professional community. This is the only one award where the winners are chosen based on the results of voting by doctors, medical practitioners. More than 430 thousand doctors participated in the voting on more than 20 categories this year.

Taking into consideration the statistics provided by the communication platform "Doctor at Work", when prescribing the drug to a patient more than 50% of doctors prefer brands recognized by the Russian Pharma Awards and believe the prize is an indicator of the recognition of specialists.  

Aristo Pharma is very pleased and warmly grateful to all doctors voted for Blemaren this year, despite the huge competition in the urological sector of the Russian pharmaceutical market, as well as for such a high appreciation of our work all in all!

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