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team chestnut

A day in nature with benefits for the environment

“It is important to leave to children the world in which it is easy to breathe.”
(c) General Director of LLC Aristo Pharma Jonas Tryggvason

In early June, Aristo Pharma held an environmental event for its employees, as well as their children, in the Botanical Garden of Moscow State University on Vorobyovy Gory. The employees of the company planted several types of medicinal plants, as well as a chestnut – a tree which is symbolic for the company. One of the core products of the company, Aescusan®, is made from horse chestnut seed extract.

Our employees prepared the garden beds and planted lavender, catnip, sage, thyme, bergenia, violet, as well as several honeysuckle bushes and a chestnut. All of these plants are well known in medicine and are used in many medicinal products. It is also important that the plants are perennial and, thanks to the Aristo Pharma company, they have now become part of the large collection of the Botanical Garden of the Moscow State University.

Our colleagues shared their impressions of the environmental event:

Product Manager Victoria Utkina, graduate of the Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University, noted that the event reminds her of her student practice. “I’m grateful to the company for the opportunity to spend a wonderful day in nature in a pleasant and environmentally friendly atmosphere”, - she said.

Office manager Marina Sytova said that the company often holds various corporate events, like playing golf for example, but such environment day is being held for the first time. “We decided to join the volunteer movement and organize an environmental project. We were blessed with the weather and the gorgeous area. Everything is organized at the highest level. I have the most wonderful impressions of today.”

The head of the regulatory department Kristina Martynova also noted that the day in nature with colleagues turned out to be wonderful. “Our expectations - to get a lot of positive emotions from communication with colleagues and time spent in nature, were justified. I believe that such environmental measures are very important. Every company must focus on conserving natural resources."

“Today's event is a great occasion to get together with the children, to spend time outdoors,” said marketing and business development director Lyubov Duplenko.

- Chestnut is a symbolic tree for us. The extract of its seeds is used to produce Aescusan® - a medicine for the health of veins, which received the first marketing authorization in the USSR 50 years ago. We also prepared several garden beds for flowering herbs - in honor of our second jubilee medicine of the day – an ointment based on bee venom for the treatment of pain in joints and muscles - Apisartron®".

For the Russian division, this is the first experience of environmental team building.

The children of the employees were also pleased with the bright summer adventure in nature. They enthusiastically helped their parents to weed the garden, plant, and water the plants with hoses. And after that, a real ecoquest was waiting for them on the territory of the Botanical Garden of the Moscow State University under the guidance of experienced instructors - the staff of the Botanical Garden.

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