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Opening of new Aristo subsidiary office in Kazakhstan, the first one in the CIS Region


We are excited to announce about new Aristo subsidiary registration and official opening – Aristo Pharma LLP in Kazakhstan, one of major and biggest markets in the CIS. The office is based in Almaty, the former capital and currently biggest Kazakh city. The general director of Aristo Pharma LLP is Elmira Takibayeva.

This is the first Aristo Pharma subsidiary in the CIS region launched only 3 years after the start if Aristo operations in the CIS.

We do hope this will allow Aristo Pharma to jump and push sales in the country and enable proactive business development. Four employees are hired in Kazakhstan by the moment: in Astana (capital of Kazakhstan), in Almaty and in Shymkent (the south of the country).

Our team is built of professional employees with good experience of work in European and US pharmaceutical companies such as Viatris, Pfizer, Abbott, Hoffmann-La Roche, GSK and Sanofi Aventis. They all have impressive track record and connections in the pharmaceutical market of Kazakhstan. The team is already actively working with doctors, pharmacy chains and local distributors. The recently rebranded gynaecological product Candisilk (Clotrimazole 2%) was easily and successfully launched in Kazakhstan earlier this year.

Aristo employees in Kazakhstan have already secured contracts with new distributors, built new connections with various clinics and participated in different pharmaceutical forums, conferences and roundtable discussions.
By end of 2023 Kazakhstan is expected to demonstrate the highest sales in the CIS region. 
Rahmet! (“Thank you” in Kazakh)

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