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Running as a way to do a good deed. Charity event «Mercy on the Run»

Jonas Tryggvason

Aristo Pharma LLC has joined the charity sports event «Mercy on the Run» as part of the Moscow Marathon.

The run is in support of two projects of the «Mercy» сharity project: St. Spiridonyevskaya almshouse, where 19 lonely and seriously ill people live, and St. Sophia social home, which has become a home for 21 special needs children and adolescents who need round-the-clock care and attention.

On behalf of the company, CEO Jonas Tryggvason is participating in the run.

- «I love running and always participate in the Moscow Marathon. But this year the Moscow Marathon is special for me as I joined the sports charity event «Mercy on the Run»  and I am a ‘mercy’ runner.» 
(c) Jonas Tryggvason

Let's run our kindest race and feel the meaning in every kilometer.

You can support the event by following the link.

All collected funds will be used to pay for the work of the teachers of the St. Sophia social home and care for the elderly in the St. Spiridonyevskaya almshouse. In this difficult time, they especially need our help and support.

Join us to make this world a better place.



Aristo Pharma team

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