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Eucabal® Balsam S

Aristo Councelor Ratgeber
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Eucabal balsam
  • Application area Cough relievers
  • Pharmaceutical form Emulsion for steam inhalation and external use
  • Special features
    • Kinderarznei tag

      Suitable for children

    • Laktosefrei tag


    • Glutenfrei tag

      Without gluten-containing ingredients

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Full description

Therapeutic category

Herbal expectorant


Emulsion for steam inhalation and external use, 40 ml


100 g of the emulsion contain:

Active substances: eucalyptus leaves oil - 10.0 g, pine needles oil - 3.0 g;

Excipients: cetostearyl alcohol [cetyl alcohol 60%, stearyl alcohol 40%] - 4.50 g, glyceryl monostearate - 3.00 g, macrogol stearate 400 - 2.00 g, sodium cetyl stearyl sulfate - 0.50 g, trometamol - 0.61 g , citric acid monohydrate - 0.39 g, guaiazulene - 0.05 g, purified water - 75.95 g


  • Complex therapy of diseases of the upper respiratory tract (bronchitis, inflammation of the nasal and pharyngeal mucosa).

For children over 2 months (for rubbing), for children over 5 years (for steam inhalation), adolescents, adults.

Technical information & downloads

Please read the instructions before use, be aware of contraindications
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